Electrical Service

Why the Auto Electrical System is Important

Comprised mainly of the battery and alternator, as well as a series of wires and fuses, the automobile electrical system is much like the nervous system in a human body. Electricity is transmitted throughout the vehicle to power such items as lights and the stereo. Malfunctions can cause a number of issues that can leave you stranded.

Why Minsky for Auto Electrical Service

Somewhere in the yards of complex wiring in your car, an electrical short can happen, causing a problem. While it can be a complicated process, our technicians have many years of experience performing auto electrical service. This means that finding the root cause of an electrical issue is a quick and accurate process, saving you precious time and money. You can count on honest, dependable, and affordable auto electrical service.

A partial list of auto electrical services we perform include: battery testing, battery replacement, alternator repair/replacement, voltage testing, and more.

Auto Electrical Service Details

Automobiles: All Mercedes, BMW, and MINI models
Engines: Inline (four-cylinder, V6, V8, V10, V12), turbo, supercharged
Detailed inspection of engine and components
Genuine original manufacturer engine parts/components (flexibility to select quality aftermarket engine parts/components)

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